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In writing your research paper, the most common problems with many is their bibliography and reference list, especially that you have to adhere to proper guidelines. Citing your references is very important as this enables you to acknowledge their contribution to the development of ideas and structure of your research paper. Make sure that you comply with which type of format you should use not only in your bibliography but also in the entire paper. MLA is one of the most popular formats used by many writers and if you are having difficulties, you can always make use of MLA format generator. Generators are widely utilized by many writers and researchers as this provides them the most convenient solution to citing your references.

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MLA formatting generator is an efficient solution especially if you do not have all the time in order to manually cite your references accordingly. The best part of using generators is that they are easy to use which eliminates the hassle and time-consuming processes. The increasing number of people using generators is evident in its ability to provide you convenient solutions if you are having difficulties with citations. Here are sample citations using MLA format:

Lancashire, Ian. Homepage. 28 Mar. 2002. 15 May 2002
Trillin, Calvin. “Culture Shopping.” New Yorker 15 Feb. 1993: 48-51.
Pettingill, Olin Sewall, Jr. “Falcon and Falconry.” World Book Encyclopedia. 1980.
Hall, Donald, ed. The Oxford Book of American Literacy Anecdotes. New York: Oxford UP, 1981.

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