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What Is NLM Format?

Academic writing should always be completed in a very specific style of writing. This allows any reader within the field to fully understand how your work is organized and how to understand your citations or references so that they can find the works that you have used within your research. We can provide you with the help that you need to get your citations right through our NLM format generator. NLM annotated bibliography style is the preferred format used within the fields of kinesiology and medicine and is the style of citations developed by the National Library of Medicine. It requires that all references be listed alphabetically on a separate page that is titled REFERENCES. The full rules are found in the publication Citing Medicine, 2nd edition; The NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers.

As with most other academic writing styles, it can be difficult to get your citations and references spot on within your writing if you are not highly familiar with the style. Writing with incorrect formatting will often be rejected outright or returned to you for rectification which can cause delays in publication or even passing a course.

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How Can Our NLM Format Generator Help You?

The NLM style is a very precise format for your citations and will vary its structure depending on the type of source that you wish to make reference to within your work. So it is important that you understand the differences between citing a book with one or more authors through to journals and websites. These are all referenced in different fashions with regards to the structure used. To make things easier you can make use of our format generator. This is simple to use and can provide you with a correctly formatted citation for use on the page or within your bibliography within just a few seconds. Our generator removes the worry of having to ensure that you have used the correct organization, spacing, and punctuation within each reference. No matter what the style is you can use our tool for it, for example, check our ACS format generator.

Simply tell the generator what style you wish to use; in this case NLM. It will then ask you what type of source you are using such as a book or a website. It will then prompt you for all of the relevant publication details such as the title of the source and the author to automatically generate the citation for you in totally the correct format.

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How Should Your Citations in NLM Style Look?

For books the following structure should be used:

Surname1 AA, Surname2 BB. The title of the book. Edition no. Place of publication: Publisher; Year of publication. A number of pages.

For a Journal article:

SurnameA BC, SurnameB DE. Article Title. Abbreviated journal title. Year month date; volume and issue: Page range.

As Tamara Fudge of Kaplan University tells us about the correct use of formatting:

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Get Your Formatting Right with Us

Through our website, you will get access to a highly accurate and simple to use format generator that will help you to ensure that you use the correct style for your academic writing including NLM format. By using our services you can ensure that anything from your thesis or dissertation through to a submission for publication will be completed correctly just how you need it. There is no need to struggle with discovering the correct way to structure and use your citations if you make use of our simple to use a generator. It removes all of the hard work and ensures that your writing will always be error free.

Save time and get your writing style right with the use of our highly accurate and simple to use NLM format generator online here.

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