How to Write in APA Format Properly?

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how to write in apa format

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Plagiarism is common especially if you have a poor referencing skill which is why you should take extra measures to make sure that your research paper properly credit authors and their works. Keep in mind that a reference list is different from bibliography so you should understand what should be used in your paper. Make sure that you create systematic list of your sources; this should be alphabetized based on the author’s name. Remember that you should also recognize what types of references you will use from books to magazines as there are variations depending on the source. To help you on how to write in APA format, you can also make use of generator tools or avail the services of experts online.

How to Write a Paper in APA Format? Avail Our Services Online

To most, writing their references can be tough as this demands accuracy and precision. You should know the difference when it comes to citing two or more authors and how to properly use commas and periods to separate multiple references. In terms of the date, you should follow a consistent dating format such as”4 Jan. 2007″ or “Jan 4, 2007”. Don’t know how to write a paper in APA format?

Here are sample APA format:

  • Rodriguez, G., Puente, S., & Mayfield , J. (2001). Role of upbringing in family attitudes. [Electronic version]. Journal of Family Research, 5, 117-123.
  • Summers, M. (2007) Cool scenes. Retrieved August 27, 2007.
  • Amazing women. (12 Jan. 1955). The Journal News, pp. D11, D14.
  • Morales, L. (1987). The history of Cuba. New York: Franklin Watts.
  • Pozo, E. R. (19 Nov. 2008). The way she loved me. Personal Literature, 290, 1113-1120.

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